Hi my name is Jason. Im 24 and I live in Minnesota. I love mIRC. When im on i go to Dalnet and to Undernet. On Dalnet i go to channels #Minnesota and/or #Friendlyones. On Undernet i go to #MN_chat and MN_flirts.. Some of my friends on mIRC are: angelic-, PestyJ, DestinyDe, bride1, thundrblt, Stang0r, Sara^38, and many many more. If you ever go to any one of those servers look me up.. My other nicks are {T|gger}, Zoriac,and Rebyel
Some of my hobbies are sports, fishing, movies,and music. i have tons and I mean tons of mp3s on my system. some of the sports i like are baseball, football GO COWBOYS!!!!!, basketball, and some hockey.......
Here is a pic of one of my best friends from Dalnet bride1. She goes to my channel which is #friendlyones. If shes on when you get on say HI to her too.....

She is very sweet and sometimes very naughty lol......
Favorite Links

some pics of people I have met in real life


#2coasts web page
this is where you can get tons of popups for mIRC and you can get help to use them too :))

[email protected]

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